Equipment – 2016

Most of the equipment I plan to take on this year’s Tour is the same as that I had last year. The main difference this year  is that I will be using a smaller tent instead of the pop-up tent I had last year. For 2016, I am also dropping the rucksack to save 0.5 kg but will be adding a heavier tent, an extra solar panel,  a small cool bag and extra batteries so total weight will be slightly more than last year.

2016_Equipment-2The total weight of all the above equipment is around 20 kg. By adding the trailer weight  (4 kg) and an average of 3L of water (3kg), this gives a total load of 27kg, which is the recommended maximum weight on Travoy.


New tent for 2016 Tour de Travoy.  In 2015, I used a cheap pop-up tent but for 2016, I have splashed out and bought a Coleman Crestline tent. The pop-up tent I had last year was great and it survived 3 massive thunderstorms without leaking once. It was so light and so quick to put up that I would use it again no problem only it is so big. Pop-up tents are all about 80cm in diameter and as Travoy is only 45cm wide, it would stick out one side of Travoy by over a foot. Not only was this dangerous, it also slowed me down considerably due to the extra drag. So for this year, I have invested in a Coleman Crestline which packs away at 50 x 16 x 16cm. Eddie Jordan once said that every F1 car manufacturer wanted cheap, strong and light parts but they would always have to settle for 2 out of 3 of those traits. When it comes to tents, everybody wants one with loads of space, that is light and packs away to a small size. But just like in Formula 1, you have to settle for 2 out of 3 and while the Crestline has loads of space and packs away small, it weighs 3.5 kg, 2 kg more than the pop-up tent.


Extra power adapters for 2016 Tour de Travoy. For 2016, I will have 2 solar panels with me and consequently will be able to charge 4 gadgets at once. With 3 phones, 2 portable batteries, a bike computer, a camera, smartwatch and tablet to charge, both solar panels will be needed. But for days when it is cloudy, I will also be bringing a 3 pin adapter for campsite power points as well as a 3 port USB charger.


New cool bag and water bottles for 2016 Tour de Travoy.  Power shortages and the extreme heat were by far the 2 biggest issues on the 2015 Tour de Travoy. Hopefully, this summer won’t be as hot but as a precaution, I have invested in 2 Camelbak insulated Podium Chill  water bottles and a small 9L Thermos cool bag. Any water that I got last year in France would be lovely and cool in the campsite but within half an hour would turn yukky and lukewarm on Travoy with the heat from the sun. I am hoping  that by keeping any water I get this year cooler, I won’t have to cart as much and reduce the load on Travoy a little.