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The 2015 Tour de Travoy actually started on June 30th when I cycled 140 km from Aughnacloy to Dublin. After a few days in Dublin, we then flew to Paris on July the 2nd. After spending the week-end in Paris, I officially set off on the 2015 Tour de Travoy from the Arc de Triomphe on Mon July 6th. It took over a month to cycle over 3,000 km around France and then back to Ireland via Belgium and the UK. After 7 weeks away, I eventually made it back to Donegal on August the 16th.

Tour de Travoy 2015 (Part 1) Paris – Grenoble


The first part of the Tour de Travoy was from Paris to Grenoble between the 6th and 23rd of July. I manged to see the Tour de France at Tarbes on July 14th and in Lourdes on July 15th. After three days in Lourdes, I set off towards the Med before meeting up with Noel in Grenoble on July 23rd. From when I leave Paris until I arrived in Grenoble I stayed in campsites with the exception of 3 nights in a hotel in Lourdes. I was lucky the weather was good as the distances involved were considerable each day. The planned route took in not only the Tour de France but also the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes from Paris to near the Spanish border.


2015-07-06  (Day 01)  Paris – Villiers-de-Morheir  (90 km) Le Grand Depart from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

2015-07-07 (Day 02)  Villers-de-Morheir – Beaugency  (114 km) Fields of wheat as far as the eye can see along the Chemin de Saint Jacques

2015-07-08 (Day 03)  Beaugency – Blois  (31 km) The Cat and the Devil on a bridge across the Loire

2015-07-09 (Day 04)   Blois – Chatillion-sur-Indre   (82 km) Billboards, surfboards and the largest zoo in all of France

2015-07-10 (Day 05)  Chatillion-sur-Indre – Bellac  (107 km) The Auld Alliance between France and Scotland in Indre

2015-07-11 (Day 06)   Bellac – Brantome  (113 km) Losing my lock and my way in the very hot (and hilly) Haute Vienne

2015-07-12 (Day 07)  Brantome – Pujols   (137 km) World War 2 memorials and Royal with Cheese in the Dordogne

2015-07-13 (Day 08)  Pujols – Auch  (106 km) Graffiti, rugby, vin noir and a slice of Americana in Gascony

2015-07-14 (Day 09)  Auch – Lourdes  (100 km) Shock and awe in the Tour de France plus fireworks a plenty on Bastille Day

2015-07-15 (Day 10)   Lourdes  (0 km) Watching the Tour de France go by in Lourdes

2015-07-16 (Day 11)  Lourdes (0 km) No better place anywhere in France to get some rest than here in Lourdes

2015-07-17 (Day 12)  Lourdes – Montrejeau  (64 km) Cima Coppi, chateau’s and casinos in the Midi Pyrenees

2015-07-18 (Day 13)  Montrejeau – Escosse  (113 km) The 1928 French Grand Prix and a cave with a road through it

2015-07-19 (Day 14)   Escosse – Capestang  (148 km) A circus, a citadel and cruising along the Canal du Midi

2015-07-20 (Day 15)  Capestang – Frontignan  (74 km) The wheels come off the bus at the Bad Day campsite in Frontignan

2015-07-21 (Day 16)  Frontignan – Chabeuil (34 km)  [Train – 220 km] From one of the worst campsites in France to one of the best

2015-07-22 (Day 17)  Chabeuil – Beauvoir-en-Royans (42 km) Beyond the Thunder in Drome 

2015-07-23 (Day 18)  Beauvoir-en-Royans – Grenoble (53 km) From balcony roads to a hotel with a balcony in Grenoble

 Profile – Part 1 – Paris to Grenoble


Tour de Travoy 2015 (Part 2) Grenoble – Donegal


The 2nd half of the Tour de Travoy started on July 27th and it took until August 10th to make it back to Ireland. The route took me through the vineyards of Champagne and the World War 1 battlefields in the Somme and Flanders. I had to get an overnight sailing across the English Channel from Dunkirk to Dover as all the daytime sailings were booked up. After 2 day’s break in London, I got the RailSail train all the way back to Dublin.


2015-07-24 (Day 19)   St Jean de Maurienne (0 km)  [Car – 250 km] A crazy fan almost causes havoc at Saint Jean de Maurienne during the 2015 Tour de France

2015-07-25 (Day 20)  Alpe d’Huez  (15 km)  [Car – 150 km]  Waiting for Godot and Pinot during an epic stage of the 2015 Tour de France on Alpe d’Huez

2015-07-26 (Day 21)  Return to Alpe d’Huez  (31 km)  [Car – 120 km] The record for the slowest ever ascent of Alpe d’Huez as it takes me 23 years to finally climb to the top

2015-07-27 (Day 22)  Grenoble – Les Marches  (50 km) To Savoy with Travoy after bidding “slan abhaile” to Noel

2015-07-28 (Day 23)  Les Marches – Saint Rambert-en-Bugey  (80 km) Overtaking a Ferrari and giving it a lash in the Tunnel du Chat

2015-07-29 (Day 24)  Saint Rambert-en-Bugey – Lons-le-Saunier  (108 km) An Oasis of calm at a Jurassic campsite

2015-07-30 (Day 25)  Lons-le-Saunier – Gray  (94 km) Following the Yellow Brick Road to Dole

2015-07-31 (Day 26)  Gray – Saint Geosnes  (52 km) Farmyards, shipyards but surprisingly no vineyards today on the road to Champagne

2015-08-01 (Day 27)  Saint Geosnes – Dienville  (108 km) Canny McSavvy, Charles de Gaulle and finding a place to rest in Champagne

2015-08-02 (Day 28)  Dienville – Chalons-en-Champagne  (79 km) Tilting at windturbines on the Route Touristique de Champagne

2015-08-03 (Day 29)  Chalons-en-Champagne – Fismes  (78 km) The Champagne region still sparkles 300 years after the death of Dom Perignon

2015-08-04 (Day 30)  Fismes – Seraucourt-le-Grand (93 km) The world’s first giga-factory where wild boar now roam and the slaughter factory that was World War 1

2015-08-05 (Day 31)  Seraucourt-le-Grand – Boiry-Notre-Dame  (108 km) Poppies, cemeteries and massive war memorials that only cast a shadow in the Somme sunshine

2015-08-06 (Day 32)  Boiry-Notre-Dame – Kemmel  (95 km) The Irish peace memorial symbolises hope among the hops in the Fields of Flanders

2015-08-07(Day 33)   Kemmel – Dunkirk (79 km) The Last Post “In Europe” from Ypres before getting the ferry to Dover

2015-08-08 (Day 34)  Dover – Enfield  (130 km) From the Menin Gate in Belgium to the Tower Bridge in London in less than a day

2015-08-10 (Day 36)  Enfield – Dublin  (28 km)  [Train – 250 km] A week after being in Champagne, it was nice to actually drink some

2015-08-16 (Day 42)  Dublin – Donegal (260 km) My odyssey comes to an end with a trip on the Ulysses

Profile – Part 2 – Grenoble to Donegal


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