2015 Tour de Travoy

(Part 1) Paris – Lourdes – Grenoble

2015-07-06  (Day 01)  Paris – Villiers-de-Morheir  (90 km) Le Grand Depart from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

2015-07-07 (Day 02)  Villers-de-Morheir – Beaugency  (114 km) Fields of wheat as far as the eye can see along the Chemin de Saint Jacques

2015-07-08 (Day 03)  Beaugency – Blois  (31 km) The Cat and the Devil on a bridge across the Loire

2015-07-09 (Day 04)   Blois – Chatillion-sur-Indre   (82 km) Billboards, surfboards and the largest zoo in all of France

2015-07-10 (Day 05)  Chatillion-sur-Indre – Bellac  (107 km) The Auld Alliance between France and Scotland in Indre

2015-07-11 (Day 06)   Bellac – Brantome  (113 km) Losing my lock and my way in the very hot (and hilly) Haute Vienne

2015-07-12 (Day 07)  Brantome – Pujols   (137 km) World War 2 memorials and Royal with Cheese in the Dordogne

2015-07-13 (Day 08)  Pujols – Auch  (106 km) Graffiti, rugby, vin noir and a slice of Americana in Gascony

2015-07-14 (Day 09)  Auch – Lourdes  (100 km) Shock and awe in the Tour de France plus fireworks a plenty on Bastille Day

2015-07-15 (Day 10)   Lourdes  (0 km) Watching the Tour de France go by in Lourdes

2015-07-16 (Day 11)  Lourdes (0 km) No better place anywhere in France to get some rest than here in Lourdes

2015-07-17 (Day 12)  Lourdes – Montrejeau  (64 km) Cima Coppi, chateau’s and casinos in the Midi Pyrenees

2015-07-18 (Day 13)  Montrejeau – Escosse  (113 km) The 1928 French Grand Prix and a cave with a road through it

2015-07-19 (Day 14)   Escosse – Capestang  (148 km) A circus, a citadel and cruising along the Canal du Midi

2015-07-20 (Day 15)  Capestang – Frontignan  (74 km) The wheels come off the bus at the Bad Day campsite in Frontignan

2015-07-21 (Day 16)  Frontignan – Chabeuil (34 km)  [Train – 220 km] From one of the worst campsites in France to one of the best

2015-07-22 (Day 17)  Chabeuil – Beauvoir-en-Royans (42 km) Beyond the Thunder in Drome 

2015-07-23 (Day 18)  Beauvoir-en-Royans – Grenoble (53 km) From balcony roads to a hotel with a balcony in Grenoble

(Part 2) Grenoble – Ypres – Donegal

2015-07-24 (Day 19)   St Jean de Maurienne (0 km)  [Car – 250 km] A crazy fan almost causes havoc at Saint Jean de Maurienne during the 2015 Tour de France

2015-07-25 (Day 20)  Alpe d’Huez  (15 km)  [Car – 150 km]  Waiting for Godot and Pinot during an epic stage of the 2015 Tour de France on Alpe d’Huez

2015-07-26 (Day 21)  Return to Alpe d’Huez  (31 km)  [Car – 120 km] The record for the slowest ever ascent of Alpe d’Huez as it takes me 23 years to finally climb to the top

2015-07-27 (Day 22)  Grenoble – Les Marches  (50 km) To Savoy with Travoy after bidding “slan abhaile” to Noel

2015-07-28 (Day 23)  Les Marches – Saint Rambert-en-Bugey  (80 km) Overtaking a Ferrari and giving it a lash in the Tunnel du Chat

2015-07-29 (Day 24)  Saint Rambert-en-Bugey – Lons-le-Saunier  (108 km) An Oasis of calm at a Jurassic campsite

2015-07-30 (Day 25)  Lons-le-Saunier – Gray  (94 km) Following the Yellow Brick Road to Dole

2015-07-31 (Day 26)  Gray – Saint Geosnes  (52 km) Farmyards, shipyards but surprisingly no vineyards today on the road to Champagne

2015-08-01 (Day 27)  Saint Geosnes – Dienville  (108 km) Canny McSavvy, Charles de Gaulle and finding a place to rest in Champagne

2015-08-02 (Day 28)  Dienville – Chalons-en-Champagne  (79 km) Tilting at windturbines on the Route Touristique de Champagne

2015-08-03 (Day 29)  Chalons-en-Champagne – Fismes  (78 km) The Champagne region still sparkles 300 years after the death of Dom Perignon

2015-08-04 (Day 30)  Fismes – Seraucourt-le-Grand (93 km) The world’s first giga-factory where wild boar now roam and the slaughter factory that was World War 1

2015-08-05 (Day 31)  Seraucourt-le-Grand – Boiry-Notre-Dame  (108 km) Poppies, cemeteries and massive war memorials that only cast a shadow in the Somme sunshine

2015-08-06 (Day 32)  Boiry-Notre-Dame – Kemmel  (95 km) The Irish peace memorial symbolises hope among the hops in the Fields of Flanders

2015-08-07(Day 33)   Kemmel – Dunkirk (79 km) The Last Post “In Europe” from Ypres before getting the ferry to Dover

2015-08-08 (Day 34)  Dover – Enfield  (130 km) From the Menin Gate in Belgium to the Tower Bridge in London in less than a day

2015-08-10 (Day 36)  Enfield – Dublin  (28 km)  [Train – 250 km] A week after being in Champagne, it was nice to actually drink some

2015-08-16 (Day 42)  Dublin – Donegal (260 km) My odyssey comes to an end with a trip on the Ulysses

Tour de Travoy 2015 – Statistics


There was a total of over 3,000km of cycling on the Tour de Travoy 2015. There was also about 26,000m of climbing, which is about 3 times the height of Everest. The highest point of the Tour was at the top of Alpe d’Huez, which is 1860m above sea-level. The highest point with Travoy was at the summit of the Cote de Bagneres-de-Bigorre in the Midi-Pyrenees at 644m above sea-level. The day with the most climbing was not the day I climbed Alpe d’Huez but actually the Sunday a fortnight before it in the Dordogne with 1500 m of climbing.