Equipment – 2018

Most of the equipment I plan to take on this year’s Tour is the same as that I had last year. To start with, I will be taking my Giant Anyroad gravel bike again as it worked so well on last year’s tour. The only change I will be making to the bike is to replace the saddle. I found the Giant saddle to be very uncomfortable so will replace it with the saddle from my racing bike. I have also fitted a kickstand to the bike and a cadence meter to the bike. I have also invested in a Vaude seat bag. The seat bag is bigger than most saddle bags and with plenty of space for spare jackets and extra food, it will allow me to tackle long climbs without having to carry a backpack like last year.

2017_GIANT_ANYROAD_2Bike and accessories. My Giant Anyroad gravel bike weighs about 10 kg. Adding pedals, bottle cages, and a pump adds about 1 kg. Fitting a Bryton computer, a Quadlock phone mount and Garmin Virb camera to the handlebars adds another 500g. My Topeak saddlebag contains a multitool, a chantool and 3 spare tyres and some levers and weighs about 1 kg. Adding 2 bottles of water and the Kryptonite and coiled locks adds about 2.5 kg. So the total weight of the bike and accessories is about 15 kg.


Camping equipment. The weight of the tent is about 2.1 kg, my sleeping bag about 900g and Thermalite air mattress about 500g. A big towel also weighs 500g while a washbag with soap, shampoo, scissors, saddle cream, washing powder, suncream and toothpaste weighs about 1 kg. So the total weight of my camping and washing equipment is about 5 kg and total volume about 30 L.


Cycle clothing. Last year, I had 2 spare pair of shorts but this year I may take extra socks and shorts and wash my clothes every 5 days instead of every 3 days. I had 4 tops with me last year but will only take 3 tops (2 short sleeve and 1 Long sleeve) this year. My baggy cycle shorts turned brown from the sunshine despite me dying them jet black before I left. So this year I will eave them at home and take a different pair of baggy shorts.  My new shorts have fewer pockets but I can put my keys and other bits and pieces in the back pockets of my cycle jersey for easy access. This year, I will have a pair of cycle leggings and a lightweight Northwave jacket for when it is raining.


Casual clothing. For casual wear, I will take 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve tops, underwear, a pair of leggings and a hooded jacket. All in all, my spare clothes weigh about 5 kg plus another 3 kg for the clothes, shoes, sunglasses and helmet I will be wearing. Volume wise my spare clothes will take up about 30 L of space on Travoy.


Electrical equipment. The heaviest electrical item is my 13″ notebook which along with the charger weighs about 1.5 kg. I will also be taking a 10m extension lead and an adapter lead which also weigh about 1.5 kg. 2 portable batteries, leads and UK/EU plugs weigh about 1 kg. I will have 2 phones, a Xiaomi Mi A1 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. I will also have 2 Garmin Virb cameras for my bike. All these phones and cameras add up to about 1 kg in weight. The total weight of the electrical equipment is about 5 kg  and volume wise amounts to about 20 L.


Total weight of equipment. Travoy itself weighs about 5 kg and the Burley bags and a 20 L Camelbak rucksack adds about another 2 kg. My Thermos coolbag holds about 3L of liquid so all these items add about 5 kg and take up about 10 L. At times, I will also have about 10 L of food with me which can weigh up to 5 kg. Adding the weight of my camping and washing equipment (5 kg), my clothes (5 kg), electrical equipment (5 kg) and water (3 kg), bags (2 kg) and food (3 kg) gives a total of 23 kg on Travoy. On the bike, there will be my own weight, accessories (3 kg), water (1 kg), clothes, helmet and shoes (3 kg) as well as Travoy (5 kg) and the load on Travoy (23 kg). I will end up hauling about 35 kg plus the 10 kg weight of the bike. On the flat, the weight is manageable but in the mountains, the extra weight will be no fun. On the Tour de France, the cyclists bikes weigh about 6.5 kg and their gear and water about 2.5 kg for a total of 9 kg. So the weight on Tour de Travoy will be the equivalent of 5 typical bikes and gear in the Tour de France. Of course, I could save weight by leaving some stuff at home. But the whole trip will take 12 weeks during which all my equipment will be needed at some stage and some of the heaviest items will be used every day.