Isola to Jausiers ~ No bee in my bonnet climbing the Col de la Bonette Restefond to 2,715m

July 16th – 17th 2017 (Days 69 – 70) Today’s photo shows the road as it climbs towards the Col de la Bonette Restefond above the small village of Bousieyas. The climb from Isola (900m) to the summit (2715m) was about 37 km in total and about 1800 m of climbing. It is one of the longest climbs I have ever tackled with Travoy but thankfully, most of the climb wasn’t too steep except for the section north of Bousieyas as shown in the photo above.


Travoy leaving Camping Le Lac des Neiges in Isola.


Total distance cycled Monday July 17th from Isola to Jaussiers – 65 km (includes 2,100 m of climbing). Total distance cycled so far on 2017 Tour de Travoy – 4,270 km. It took me about 7 hours to climb the Col de la Bonette Restefond but only an hour to go down it.


The sign says 34 km to the summit of the Col de la Bonette Restefond.


Roundabout near Saint Etienne de Tinee. The sign is celebrating 80 years since a ski-lift was installed in the town in 1937.


The sign says “Welcome to Saint Etienne de Tinee”.


The Tinee river in Saint Etienne de Tinee.


For the first 14 km of today,s climb, I followed the Tinee river up it’s valley.


This sign says “High mountain road. Absence of safety  barriers. Maintain vigilance”.


Sign at 1430m saying 20 km to the summit and the next km will have a gradient of 6.7%


Waterfall beside the road.


Lots of roadworks on the road to the Col de la Bonette Restefond


Sign at 1670m. I was now 60m higher than the Col de Turini, the previous highest point on this year’s Tour and yet I still had 16 km to go to reach the summit.


Road reduced to one lane due to rocks falling. There are obviously a lot of loose rocks at this location so a safety net was installed.


Hairpin on the climb to the Col de la Bonette Restefond.


The view looking back down the valley.


Sign for marmots, though I didn’t see any today.


Only 12 km to the summit but the next km averages 8%.


Looking back down the valley at the road I had just climbed.


Old army base about 4 km from the summit. The stone houses were being done up but disappointingly, the original slate roof were being replaced by sheets of tin.


Just 3.5 km to the summit. I was now at 2490m, 15m higher than my previous record last year at the top of the Grand Saint Bernard climb in Switzerland.


Incredible view looking back down the valley. I could not believe how much I had climbed.


Just 500m to the summit, but the climb averages 8% and the loop to the Cime de la Bonette is over 10%.


Sign for Jausiers via the Cime de la Bonette straight on on via the Col de la Bonette Restefond to the right. I took the road to the right as I figured I had done enough climbing for one day.


The Notre Dame de Tres Haute statue of Mary and baby Jesus at the summit. For 9 months of the year, this statue is covered in snow and it is only visible in the summer.


Travoy at the Col de la Bonette Restefond.


Small sign at the summit. There is probably a much bigger sign at the Cime de la Bonette but I had already decided that I had done enough climbing for one day. The road up to the summit is over 10% and is very dangerous so I decided to give the Cime a miss.


Time for a selfie before starting the descent down to Jausiers.


The Caserne de Restefond, an old and now abandoned military base.


Hairpin on the way down from the Col de la Bonette Restefond.


More hairpins about 5 km from Jausiers.


Clay pot man on a bicycle. When I passed through Brittany, I pictured a clay pot man sitting on a wall.Well, here he is on his holidays in the French Alps.


Camping Le Planet in Jausiers. The campsite was very busy and I had to pitch in open ground without any shade. But as it was already after 6, the sun wasn’t long in going down and the evening was quite cool so I didn’t mind too much.






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