June 23rd 2017 – Estella to Pamplona – Halfway with Hemingway at the bullring in Pamplona

This week’s photo shows me beside the Ernest Hemingway statue outside the bull-ring in Pamplona. I had cycled roughly 3,000 km to get to Pamplona and I was roughly at the halfway point on this year’s Tour de Travoy. It was Hemingway that put Pamplona on the map when he went to the San Fermin festival here in 1923 and later wrote about the Running of the Bulls in his book The Sun Never Sets (Fiesta). Hemingway was arguably the greatest writer of the 20th Century and certainly lived life to the full. He traveled the world at a time when there were no jet airplanes and lived in Paris, Venice, Florida and even Cuba during his life. He had a wonderful easy to read style of writing that reflected his personality. His books often had an historical background like the Spanish Civil War in For Whom The Bells Toll or Castro’s revolution in Cuba in The Old Man and the Sea. I like to think there is a little of Hemingway in my own writing on the Tour de Travoy. We are 2 totally different characters in that Hemingway was more of a bull and I am more of a bear. But we share a common interest in writing about the places we traveled to and what we encountered there. Hemingway was a wonderful writer and could paint pictures with his words and prose. Compared to him, I am a terrible writer and that is one reason why there are so many photos on this website. But Hemingway, like myself, was a halfway house type of guy never staying too long in the one place so where better to mark the milestone of reaching the halfway point on this year’s Tour than beside his statue in one of the cities he loved the most.


Travoy leaving Camping Iratxe.


Total distance cycled Friday June 23rd from Estella to Pamplona – 100 km. Total distance so far on the Tour de Travoy – 2,940 km.


Vineyards not just in Rioja but also Navarra.


Puente Romanica in Puente la Reina.


Camino statue in Puente la Reina.


Funny sign on the climb up to Alto de Perdon.


View of Logrono motorway from Alto de Perdon.


Lots of wind turbines on Alto de Perdon.


Camino statue on Alto de Perdon.


Travoy on Alto de Perdon.


Myself and Travoy on Alto de Perdon.


View of Pamplona from Alto de Perdon.


Sign for Pamplona.


Bullring in Pamplona.


Entrance to the bullring for the bulls.


Ernest Hemingway statue outside the bullring in Pamplona.


Posters for the 2017 San Fermin festival between the 6th and 14th of July.


Funky shop window in Pamplona.


Calle de la Estafeta in Pamplona.


Encierro sign beside a souvenir shop on Calle de la Estafeta.


Ayuntamiento or town hall in Pamplona.


Navarra museum on Calle Bajada del Portal Nuevo.


Workman putting up barriers for the Encierro.


This is where the bulls are kept before the Encierro.


Mosaic showing the Encierro on Pamplona bullring.


This is where the bulls end up at the end of the Encierro.


Art deco inspired buildings in Pamplona.


Only 59 km from the French border.


Lots of cyclists on the road between Pamplona and Roncevalles.


2 Camino pilgrims with a trailer near Zubiri.


Camino mural on the Albergue municipal in Zubiri.


Travoy at Puerto Erro.


Bar Dena Ona in Espinal.


Travoy at Puerto Mezkiritz.



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