2016-08-06 (Day 51) Dublin – Donegal

Today's photo shows a plane taking off from Dublin airport as the sun rises in the distance. This was the third time I had cycled from Dublin to Donegal and I have always stopped every other year to take a photo here at Dublin Airport. There is normally a plane taking off every 3 minutes … Continue reading 2016-08-06 (Day 51) Dublin – Donegal


2016-08-01 (Day 46) Barnet – London – Dublin

Today's photo shows the departure board at Euston train station in London. After a weekend in London getting my bike fixed, it was time to get the train back to Ireland on Monday morning. Having been away for 7 weeks, I was looking forward to getting back to the old sod. My train was due … Continue reading 2016-08-01 (Day 46) Barnet – London – Dublin

2016-07-29 (Day 43) Quineville – Cherbourg – London

Today's photo shows the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth harbor, which at a height of 170 m is one of the tallest structures in England outside of London. The tower has 3 observation decks one of which has a glass floor 100 m above the sea. It was opened in 2005 after 5 years construction work … Continue reading 2016-07-29 (Day 43) Quineville – Cherbourg – London

2016-07-26 (Day 40) Ouistreham – Quineville

Today's photo shows the Les Braves D-Day memorial sculpture at Omaha Beach in Vierville-sur-Mer. The metal sculpture was created by the French artist Anilore Banon in 2004 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings.The sculpture was only intended to be temporary but it has remained here ever since. Nowhere else during D-Day did … Continue reading 2016-07-26 (Day 40) Ouistreham – Quineville

2016-07-25 (Day 39) Honfleur – Ouistreham

Today's photo shows Pegasus Bridge near Ouistreham which was the first bridge captured by Allied forces during the D-Day landings in 1944. The capture of the bridge was crucial to protect the troops landing on the Normandy Beaches from a German counter-attack. It was captured by about 150 British paratroopers who landed in 5 gliders … Continue reading 2016-07-25 (Day 39) Honfleur – Ouistreham