Route – 2017

The 2 main aims of the 2017 Tour de Travoy is to first complete the Camino from Dublin to Santiago de Compostela and then cycle the Route des Grandes Alpes from Menton to Thonen les Bains. The complete trip is around 7,000 km with about 120,000 m of climbing. I am hoping to set off around May 10th and arrive back in Ireland 15 weeks later around August 30th. So the tour goes to plan, I will average around 500 km a week and about 8,000 m of climbing. That is the equivalent of climbing Everest every week for 15 weeks.


2017 Tour de Travoy (Part 1) Dublin – Roscoff – Santiago de Compostela. It is roughly 2300 km from Dublin to Santiago de Compostela. The Camino del Norte along the northern Spanish coast is very hilly and this section of the 2017 Tour de Travoy will involve about 35,000 m of climbing. In fact, this section of the 2017 Tour on the Camino del Norte will involve more climbing than my trip through the Pyrenees roughly a month later.


Part 1 Distance – 2,300 km, Climbing – 33,000 m. In the 2016 Tour de Travoy, I also cycled about 2,300 km but only climbed about 25,000 m. On the 2016 Tour, I climbed both the Grand St. Bernard and the Petit Saint Bernard but this first section of the 2017 Tour will involve more climbing in 1 month than the whole of last year’s Tour did in 2 months.


2017 Tour de Travoy (Part 2) Santiago de Compostela – Avignon – Nice. The second section from Santiago to Nice is slightly shorter at 1700 km but as I plan to tackle the central part of the Route Pyrennean, it also will consist of about 30,000 m of climbing.


Part 2 Distance – 1700 km Climbing – 30,000 m. I am hoping to spend about 2 weeks in June the Pyrenees and tackle as many climbs as possible without Travoy. However, I will have to climb the Aubisque, Tourmalet and the Peyresourde with Travoy but when I get to Sault, I will be leaving Travoy at the campsite as there is no way I am going to even attempt climb Mont Ventoux with a trailer.


2017 Tour de Travoy (Part 3) Nice – Geneva – Dublin. The third part is by far the toughest section of the 2017 Tour with a total of 2700 km of cycling and 45,000 m of climbing. If I get the time, I am hoping to visit some passes that Hannibal may have used such as the Col de la Traversette and the Col du Clapier but these climbs will add about another 5,000 m to the climbing total.


Part 3 Distance – 2,800 km Climbing 50,000 m. The 2017 Tour de Travoy is probably the toughest tour I will ever attempt. Distance wise, it is 3 times that of last year’s Tour. Climbing wise, it is 5 times that of the 2015 and 2016 Tours. Even compared to a typical Tour de France, it is twice the distance and treble the climbing. It is an incredible challenge and to be perfectly honest, I only rate my chances of completing the whole thing at 50/50. But you know what they say – “Aim for the stars and even if you don’t succeed, you might land on the Moon instead”.

So, what’s the story with the 2017 Tour de Travoy. In 2015, I cycled 3,200 km and climbed 25,000m. In 2016, I cycled about 2,300 km but also climbed about 25,000m. But the 2017 Tour if it goes to plan will involve at least double the distance and 5 times the climbing of previous tours. The 2017 Camino del Travoy will be my third major tour in the last 3 years. If my debut 2015 Tour was like the Stone Roses debut album and the 2016 Tour was like Oasis 2nd album, hopefully my third tour won’t end up like both those bands third album and instead, end up as good as U2’s third album. One thing though for sure, no doubt at times it will be War.