2016-07-08 (Day 22) Provins – Mary sur Marne

Today's photo shows a battered box lying abandoned at the side of the road near to Jouarre. The box is for a catalogue company in France called Bernard.com but its dishevelled condition and empty state sort of summed up the kind of day I was after having. Today I suffered my first puncture on the … Continue reading 2016-07-08 (Day 22) Provins – Mary sur Marne


2016-07-07 (Day 21 ) Saint Florentin – Provins

Today's photo shows a screenshot from the Euro 2016 semi-final clash between France and Germany. Germany were heavy favorites going into the game and they dominated the match but 2 goals from Antoine Griezmann were enough to seal victory for the French. The final whistle was greeted with the sound of fireworks in the small … Continue reading 2016-07-07 (Day 21 ) Saint Florentin – Provins