2016-07-06 (Day 20) Venarey les Laumes – Saint Florentin

Today’s photo shows the Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix surrendering to Julius Caesar after the Battle of Alesia in 51 BC. The Battle of Alesia took place near where the modern towns of Venarey les Laumes and Alise Sainte Reine are now located in the Cote d’Or region of France. The battle was arguably the most pivotal battle in the history of France as the defeat of the … Continue reading 2016-07-06 (Day 20) Venarey les Laumes – Saint Florentin

2016-07-05 (Day 19) Beaune – Veneray les Launes

Today’s photo shows a typical vineyard north of Beaune. The vineyards around Beaune produce some of the most expensive wine in the world. Just 10 km from Beaune is the vineyard of the Domaine de la Romaine-Conti.  Bottles of their premium Romaine-Conti red wine sell for $10,000 each and a bottle of the 1990 vintage recently sold for $25,000. Romaine-Conti’s wine is so expensive mostly … Continue reading 2016-07-05 (Day 19) Beaune – Veneray les Launes

2016-07-04 (Day 18) Louhans – Beaune

Today’s photo shows 2 French flags outside a house near Chalons sur Saone. The evening before, France had beat Iceland 5-2 to qualify for the semi-finals of Euro 2016. But having already cycled for a week through France to even see one French flag, let alone 2 outside a house was a rare sight. This display was arguably the best Euro 2016 related display I … Continue reading 2016-07-04 (Day 18) Louhans – Beaune

2016-07-03 (Day 17) Nantua – Louhans

Today’s photo shows a memorial to the French Resistance in World War 2 near to Cerdon. There are very few WW2 memorials in France in comparison to WW1 memorials but this massive stone sculpture is one of the best memorials anywhere in the world. Over 700 French Resistance fighters were killed in l’Ain and the Haut Jura during WW2 and this monument was commissioned in … Continue reading 2016-07-03 (Day 17) Nantua – Louhans

2016-07-01 (Day 15) Annecy – Nantua

Today’s photo shows the old stone bridge at Seyssel over which I crossed the Rhone. The theme of this year’s Tour de Travoy was “To Savoy with Travoy” but here at Seyssel, I bid adieu to Savoy and crossed into l’Ain region of France. Total cycled today – 90 km. Total cycled so far – 775 km. The lowest point in the middle of this … Continue reading 2016-07-01 (Day 15) Annecy – Nantua