2016-06-30 (Day 14) La Bathie – Annecy

Today's photo shows a fire brigade boat beside the jetty on Lake Annecy. I tweeted this photo joking that I knew where Fireman Sam was planning to go on his holidays as here was his cruiseboat waiting for him. But with hundreds of boats criss- crossing the lake every day in the summer, I guess … Continue reading 2016-06-30 (Day 14) La Bathie – Annecy


2016-06-27 (Day 11) La Thuile – Bourg St Maurice

Today's photo shows Travoy parked up alongside a St Bernard Dog statue opposite a souvenir shop at the top of the Petit St. Bernard. At 2188m, the Petit St Bernard climb is 400m lower than the Grand St Bernard that I had climbed 3 days previously but there were much more shops and restaurants at … Continue reading 2016-06-27 (Day 11) La Thuile – Bourg St Maurice