2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier

Today’s photo shows the Grand St Bernard mountain which I had crossed the day before. You can just about make out the road on which I had traveled down the climb on the previous evening. It had taken me about an hour to descend to Etroubles from the Grand St Bernard Pass and it would take me another hour just to descend the rest of the … Continue reading 2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier

2016-06-24 (Day 08) Martigny – Etroubles

Today was a day I was both looking forward to and dreading all year. The road from Martigny to the top of the Grand Saint Bernard goes uphill almost the whole way for about 50 km. The longest climb I had tackled last year with Travoy was about 5 km long and about 300 m of climbing. The Grand St Bernard from Martigny involves over … Continue reading 2016-06-24 (Day 08) Martigny – Etroubles

2016-06-23 (Day 07) Aigle – Martigny

Today’s photo is a shot of the A9 motorway in Switzerland taken from a bridge in Aigle. The sign says 27 km to Martigny and 72 km to Italy via the Grand St Bernard pass. The mountain in the distance is probably the Dent de Morcles, which  rises to a height of 2,969m.  Tent tied to outside of my rucksack rather than inside it. I was … Continue reading 2016-06-23 (Day 07) Aigle – Martigny

2016-06-21 (Day 05) Sutz – Chatel St Denis

Today’s photo shows a typical landscape of open pasture near Romont  in central Switzerland. I half expected Heidi to be running across one of these fields just like on the TV show many years ago. Travoy  beside sign for Camping Sutz. Camping Sutz was one of the best campsites I stayed at during the whole 2016 Tour de Travoy. The facilities were spotless, and the … Continue reading 2016-06-21 (Day 05) Sutz – Chatel St Denis

2016-06-20 (Day 04) Basel – Sutz

Today’s photo shows a huge statue of Predator alongside the road at a bronze foundry near Undervelier in the centre of Switzerland. It was a bit spooky to see it right beside the road especially with a forest in the background. I got an awful fright last year in the Somme when I came around a corner to see a huge crucifix towering above me. … Continue reading 2016-06-20 (Day 04) Basel – Sutz

2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel

Today’s photo shows an Euro 2016 related ad for McDonalds on a platform at Nancy train station. I was at Nancy after getting off a train from Luxembourg and was looking at the ad while waiting for the train for Strasbourg to leave. The writing beside the ad says “Come as you are”. The day before Belgium had beaten Ireland 3 – 0  so I … Continue reading 2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel

2015-06-17 (Day 01) London – Arlon

Today’s photo shows St. Pancreas train station as the traffic streams past on a cloudy Friday morning in London. The clock-face on the tower showed 07.10 so I had plenty of time to catch my train at 08.55.  2 days previously, I had booked the Eurostar from London St. Pancreas to Brussels Midi so after almost a week in Enfield, the Tour de Travoy finally … Continue reading 2015-06-17 (Day 01) London – Arlon