2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier

Today's photo shows the Grand St Bernard mountain which I had crossed the day before. You can just about make out the road on which I had traveled down the climb on the previous evening. It had taken me about an hour to descend to Etroubles from the Grand St Bernard Pass and it would take … Continue reading 2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier


2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel

Today's photo shows an Euro 2016 related ad for McDonalds on a platform at Nancy train station. I was at Nancy after getting off a train from Luxembourg and was looking at the ad while waiting for the train for Strasbourg to leave. The writing beside the ad says "Come as you are". The day … Continue reading 2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel