2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier

Today's photo shows the Grand St Bernard mountain which I had crossed the day before. You can just about make out the road on which I had traveled down the climb on the previous evening. It had taken me about an hour to descend to Etroubles from the Grand St Bernard Pass and it would take … Continue reading 2016-06-25 (Day 09) Etroubles – Arvier


2016-06-24 (Day 08) Martigny – Etroubles

Today was a day I was both looking forward to and dreading all year. The road from Martigny to the top of the Grand Saint Bernard goes uphill almost the whole way for about 50 km. The longest climb I had tackled last year with Travoy was about 5 km long and about 300 m … Continue reading 2016-06-24 (Day 08) Martigny – Etroubles

Ireland beat Italy to qualify for knockout stages of Euro 2016

Today's featured image shows Robbie Brady shortly after scoring the winner against Italy in Group E of Euro 2016. My original plan for the 2016 Tour de Travoy was to watch the Ireland - Belgium game in Belgium and the Ireland - Italy game in Italy. The day before I had made it to Chatel … Continue reading Ireland beat Italy to qualify for knockout stages of Euro 2016

2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel

Today's photo shows an Euro 2016 related ad for McDonalds on a platform at Nancy train station. I was at Nancy after getting off a train from Luxembourg and was looking at the ad while waiting for the train for Strasbourg to leave. The writing beside the ad says "Come as you are". The day … Continue reading 2016-06-19 (Day 03) Arlon – Basel