2015-07-22 Chabeuil – Beauvoir-en-Royans

Today’s photo was taken near Beauregard-Baret and shows the typical landscape in this part of France.


Total today – 40 km. Total so far – 1495 km. Only a short trip today as I was still suffering from the after-effects of the heat stroke on Monday. For some reason, I just had no power today and was in the lowest gear on the bike going up even the smallest hills. Tim Kerrison, the Team Sky coach, had been in the news after he released Chris Froome’s power data for the Tour de France stage to St Pierre Martin. Well, if Tim ever got to see my power data for today, he would have rolled about the floor laughing as I was empty right from the get go.



Camping Merle in Chabeuil. After staying in one of the worst campsites in France on Monday, last night I stayed in one of the best. Monsieur Merle’s campsite is a joy to behold with lots of shade and full of little windmills and garden gnomes. He also has a little allotment-style garden adjacent to the campsite with aubergines and many different types of flowers being grown. The facilities were a bit old but the toilets were spotless and shower worked fine. And Monsieur Merle even has solar panels on the roof of the reception


House being renovated near Charpey. The campsite was lovely but it was so hot and humid overnight that I had trouble breathing and I didn’t get much sleep. I also had terrible cramps in my legs, which were so bad I had to get up for about half an hour and walk around the tent in the middle of the night. So I was still tired when I got up in the morning and it was after mid-day before I got away. Fortunately, the roads today were very quiet and on the D125, there was only one car on average every 5 minutes. After about 10 km, I came across a house being renovated. Just like in Lourdes, the roofers use vertical lathes to hold the felt in place.


Wrought iron cross at crossroads near Rochefort-Samson. Wrought iron crosses are quite common in France at road junctions, but this one was unusual in that it was beside a road for 24 hour cyclists and a sign for goat’s cheese.


Aqueduct at St. Nazaire-en-Royans. Only went through one town today, St Nazaire-en-Royans, which is famous for it’s aqueduct. Built between 1873 and 1876. it transports water from one side of the valley to the other. There is a lift which goes 35m up to the aqueduct from the bottom of the valley.


Border between the Drome and the Isere. St. Nazaire-en-Royans is located on the Bourne river, which marks the border between the Drome and Isere departements.



Thunderstorms throughout the south of France. The forecast was for thunderstorms that evening, so I decided to finish up for the day at a campsite beside the chateau in Beauvoir-en-Royans. I no sooner had the tent set up when the heavens opened. The thunderstorm lasted for over an hour but once again my €5 bargain basement Dunnes Store tent didn’t leak. The rain meant it was a lot cooler overnight and I was able to get a good night’s sleep.


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