2015-07-30 Lons-le-Saunier – Gray

Today’s photo shows a roadside memorial near Dole. French memorials often just show the person’s first name and unlike Irish memorials normally don’t include the date of the accident. Unlike First World War monuments, roadside memorials are not that common in France and after cycling 3,000 km around France, I only came across about a dozen. The same distance in Ireland you would see at … Continue reading 2015-07-30 Lons-le-Saunier – Gray

2015-07-29 Saint Rambert-en-Bugay – Lons-le-Saunier

Today’s photo shows a mural outside a bakery in the town of Villemotier. The writing on the plaque above the oven says “Bread baked in a wood burning stove oven”. Bakeries in France are quite common and open even on Sundays but this mural makes this “boulangerie” really stand out. Today – 107 km. Total so far – 1840 km Tough day at the office today … Continue reading 2015-07-29 Saint Rambert-en-Bugay – Lons-le-Saunier

2015-07-28 Les Marches – Saint Rambert-en-Bugey

Today’s photo shows a Ferrari parked at the entrance to the Tunnel du Chat above Lac du Bourget in the Savoy region of France. This was the only Ferrari I saw throughout my trip around France so I was incredibly lucky to get this shot. Today – 80 km. Total so far – 1730 km. Just short trip today as I had to go through … Continue reading 2015-07-28 Les Marches – Saint Rambert-en-Bugey

2015-07-27 Grenoble – Les Marche

Today’s photo shows the Dent des Crolles, which means the Tooth of Crolles. The name is derived from the small town of Crolles, which is located halfway between Grenoble and Chambery. It was the most spectacular mountain I saw in France and believe me I saw a lot of mountains. At 2,062m it is less than half the height of Mont Blanc but is much … Continue reading 2015-07-27 Grenoble – Les Marche

2015-07-24 St Jean de Maurienne

Today’s photo shows a banner at a roundabout in St. Jean de Maurienne welcoming the Tour de France to the town. Romain Bardet had won the stage which finished in St. Jean de Maurienne the day before and we were looking forward to seeing the Tour leave from the same town the next morning. About 250 km traveled today from Grenoble to St Jean de … Continue reading 2015-07-24 St Jean de Maurienne

2015-07-23 Beauvoir-en-Royans – Grenoble

Most of my route today was along the cycle-path beside the Isere river. It was great to be away from all the traffic, especially on the approach road into Grenoble. Total today – 55 km. Total so far – 1550 km. It was so much cooler today after all the thunderstorms the day before so it made for a pleasant day’s cycling . Camping Chateau in … Continue reading 2015-07-23 Beauvoir-en-Royans – Grenoble

2015-07-22 Chabeuil – Beauvoir-en-Royans

Today’s photo was taken near Beauregard-Baret and shows the typical landscape in this part of France. Total today – 40 km. Total so far – 1495 km. Only a short trip today as I was still suffering from the after-effects of the heat stroke on Monday. For some reason, I just had no power today and was in the lowest gear on the bike going … Continue reading 2015-07-22 Chabeuil – Beauvoir-en-Royans

2015-07-20 Capestang – Frontignan

I must have crossed over the Canal du Midi 6 times today and at nearly every crossing, there was a boat going past. Some locks on the canal have over 10,000 boat movements per year and the canal is probably as busy now than at any time since it opened in 1681. Total today 75 km. Total so far – 1420 km. It wasn’t the terrain today that caused me trouble … Continue reading 2015-07-20 Capestang – Frontignan

2015-07-19 Escosse – Capestang

My route today took through Carcassonne and past the world famous Cite de Carcassonne. The magnificent stone wall around the medieval city is over 3 km long and has 52 towers but only 2 entrance gates. The Cite dates from the 13th century but it lay in ruins for hundreds of years until restored by the famous French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc between 1853 and 1879. … Continue reading 2015-07-19 Escosse – Capestang