2015-07-11 Bellac – Brantome

Today’s photo shows a lake near Saint Martial-de-Villette. There was quite a few people out boating and swimming in the lake. They may well have been staying in the campsite beside the lake.


Total today – 115 km. Total so far – 685 km. Had to get up at 5 again this morning to go look for my Krytonite lock, which I had left it behind in Le Dorat 12km from Bellac. I had used the lock to stop the trailer from rolling back and cycled off without picking it up. It was too hot to go look for it the previous evening so I got up early to go back to Le Dorat. I only had the laptop in the trailer with me and it was so much quicker to cycle due to less weight on the trailer and the cool conditions. I arrived in Le Dorat in under half an hour but there was no sign of the lock.


Photo of where I left the lock. I had parked the bike beside this sign to get some water from my trailer and used the lock to stop my bike rolling down the hill. There was a car parked here the day before and perhaps the driver lifted the lock and drove off with it. Only it would be no good to him or her as I still have the key.


Le Dorat. The first photo was taken at 6 in the morning, the second photo was taken at 6 in the evening the day before.


Stone bridge across the Vincou river at Bellac. It only took another half hour to get back to Bellac, a journey which had taken over an hour the previous day. There is a reception at the entrance to the campsite but it had a sign pointing to another reception 200m away. Unbelievably, I couldn’t find the other reception so had to leave the this morning without paying.


Sign for Oradour-sur-Glane on D675. Despite getting up before 5, it was after 10 before I got away from Bellac. I had hoped to visit Oradour-sur-Glane today but it was just too much of a detour and this sign was the closest I got.


Burnt bed-frame from destroyed house in Oradour-sur-Glane. The village was destroyed by the Nazis in June 1944 and has been preserved ever since as it was the day of the massacre.


Church in Oradour-sur-Glane. Over 400 women and children were burnt in this church though one woman managed to escape by climbing up on the altar and jumping out through one of the windows. Another woman with a baby also escaped but they were shot dead by the Germans


Mayor’s car in Oradour-sur-Glane. The local mayor, who was also the local doctor, was on a call when the massacre started was he dragged from his car and shot dead on his return. His car was then burnt out and has remained in the same spot ever since.


Aerial view of the town of Oradour-sur-Glane. About 200 men in the village were herded into a number of barns and then machine gunned to death. In all, over 600 people were murdered that day and less than 20 of the town’s inhabitants escaped the slaughter. The massacre was all because a SS commander had been captured and shot by the French Resistance the day before in Oradour-sur-Vayres about 40 km south of Oradour-sur-Glane. As to whether the Nazi’s attacked the wrong town or simply because it had a similar name, we will never know as the SS officer most responsible, Adolf Dieckmann, was killed 2 weeks later, during the Battle of Normandy.


Old sign for Oradour-sur-Glane. For more information about Oradour-sur-Glane and some great photos of what remains of the town, be sure to visit Landmark Scout, Life as a Butterfly and Stroudie.net.


Not as hot today as yesterday. If I hadn’t forgot my lock in Le Dorat, I would have had time to visit Oradour-sur-Glane but with 300 km still to do in less than 3 days, I simply didn’t have the time. Luckily, it was not as warm today as the day before but it still was in the low 30’s most of the way. The wind was more from the south, but it was all the hills that made it such a tough day.


Limousin cattle. After 5 days in France, I finally came across a herd of cattle. These cattle are a breed called the Limousin, which is quite appropriate, as the Haute Vienne departement I am in, is also part of region of Limousin.



Border between the Haute Vienne and Dordogne. About 60 km into today’s trip, I crossed the border into the world famous Dordogne region.


Camping Puynadal. 40 km later, I made to my campsite for the night at Puynadal near Brantome at about 8 in the evening. I was really tired after being up from 5 and cycling over 140 km today (24 km to Le Dorat + 116 km to Brantome), so after a shower, went straight to bed.


3 thoughts on “2015-07-11 Bellac – Brantome

  1. Dear Ben,

    You have put our Landmarkscout photo’s on your blog without our consent. Could you please remove them from your blog as soon as possible as you do not have our permission to use them.

    The Landmarkscout team


    1. Hiya Pascal. I am sorry for using your photos and have removed them from my site. I had included a link to your website above each photo and thought this was sufficient credit. It is only after your message, I noticed each photo had been watermarked so are obviously copyright. I have over 100 photos on my blog so far and over 95% of the photos are my own so I am not one of these spam blogs trying to get hits using other people’s work. As I explained in the text, I didn’t have time to visit Oradour-sur-Glane so instead used a few photos to illustrate the horror of what occurred there. I considered your images some of the best ones on Google Images and therefore, included them in my blog. Once again, I apologize for using your photos and will not do so again. I will leave a link to your website and highlight it, so if anyone wants more information they can visit your site. Kind regards, Ben.


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