2015-07-10 Chatillon-sur-Indre – Bellac

Today's photo shows a restored chateau south of Chatillon-sur-Indre. Total today - 105 km. Total so far - 570 km. No fear of getting lost today as I just have to stay on the D975 all the way to Bellac. The road is brilliant to cycle on as it is quite wide and there is … Continue reading 2015-07-10 Chatillon-sur-Indre – Bellac


2015-07-11 Bellac – Brantome

Today's photo shows a lake near Saint Martial-de-Villette. There was quite a few people out boating and swimming in the lake. They may well have been staying in the campsite beside the lake. Total today - 115 km. Total so far - 685 km. Had to get up at 5 again this morning to go … Continue reading 2015-07-11 Bellac – Brantome

2015-07-07 Villiers-le-Morheir – Beaugency

Today's photo shows a typical landscape scene from today of field after field of wheat and the odd patch of corn. This plains west of Paris is the bread-basket of France and the harvest was well underway as I must have passed about 50 combine harvesters on my travels today. First night in France in … Continue reading 2015-07-07 Villiers-le-Morheir – Beaugency