2015-07-10 Chatillon-sur-Indre – Bellac

Today’s photo shows a restored chateau south of Chatillon-sur-Indre. Total today – 105 km. Total so far – 570 km. No fear of getting lost today as I just have to stay on the D975 all the way to Bellac. The road is brilliant to cycle on as it is quite wide and there is little traffic in this part of France. Charging gadgets in … Continue reading 2015-07-10 Chatillon-sur-Indre – Bellac

2015-07-09 Blois – Chatillon-sur-Indre

Today’s photo shows a roundabout on the D675 near Beauval with a display advertising the Zoo Parc nearby. Total today – 80 km. Total so far – 465 km. As it took a long time to charge up my phone and camera, it was after 11 before I got going this morning. North-westerly wind today. I had the most luck of any day on the Tour … Continue reading 2015-07-09 Blois – Chatillon-sur-Indre

2015-07-07 Villiers-le-Morheir – Beaugency

Today’s photo shows a typical landscape scene from today of field after field of wheat and the odd patch of corn. This plains west of Paris is the bread-basket of France and the harvest was well underway as I must have passed about 50 combine harvesters on my travels today. First night in France in my pop-up tent. The last time I spent a night … Continue reading 2015-07-07 Villiers-le-Morheir – Beaugency

2015-07-06 Paris – Villiers-le-Morheir

No better place to start the Tour de Travoy than from the Champs Elysees in the centre of Paris with the Arc de Triomphe in the background. I thought there would be a lot of traffic in Paris but there was much less than I was expecting. Indeed, what surprised me most about the Champs Elysees, where the Tour de France finishes each year, is … Continue reading 2015-07-06 Paris – Villiers-le-Morheir